"Jujutsu Kaisen" Chapter 211 spoilers have officially dropped, revealing the return of Tsumiki. An evil ancient sorcerer may have reincarnated into Tsumiki, and it's now up to Megumi to do something about it.

Warning: The following content contains "Jujutsu Kaisen" Chapter 211 spoilers. Read at your own risk.

To handle Tsumiki, Megumi is only left with two options: he has to fight Tsumiki to save others or choose her over his comrades and everyone in the colony. Though nothing is confirmed yet, it's heavily hinted that an ancient sorcerer has possessed Tsumiki's body.

Megumi has already noticed that Tsumiki has  no signs of being a sorcerer before the Culling Game. He even questions who she is, doubting if she's indeed in control of her body.

Hence, Megumi has to do something about it in "Jujutsu Kaisen" Chapter 211. He may end up fighting Tsumiki, but it may have its own ramifications on him, making him guilty in the process, especially if he has to kill her.

This may make Megumi return to his "self-sacrificial mentality" or become disillusioned with the world, turning him into a much darker version of himself. He may also feel guilty for not being able to save his friends and other innocent people.

But if he chooses to side with Tsumiki or the one who controls her, Sukuna may take advantage of him. Sukuna may use him as a reincarnation vessel or turn him into his protégé, which may make him abandon his former life and ideals.

Meanwhile, the "Jujutsu Kaisen" Chapter 211 spoilers begin with a huge beam of light pouring out all 10 colonies across Japan. The scene is back to the present, with Maki meeting up with Yuji and Megum, telling them that Choso told them Yuki was defeated and Kenjaku caught Tengen.

However, they have secured the back gate, while Choso doesn't confirm if Yuki is dead. The ground is in bad shape, and Kamo Noritoshi is alive.

A new rule is then added, Rule 4, which sees the transfer of players from the colonies. A swimmer has to invite a new player from the outside colonies as a subsite and leave the barrier by spending a hundred points.

Megumi asks Maki to bring Tsumiki so that she can exit the colonies. Maki meets up with Ijichi, remembering he originally wanted to be a magician, but Gojo saves him.

However, Tsumiki suddenly orders Kogane to add another rule than to use the existing one so that she can freely enter and exit barriers. This shocks everyone, making Megumi horrified and asking Tsumiki who she is.

Fans are about to see these and more when "Jujutsu Kaisen" Chapter 211 drops on Sunday, January 29.