Fans may finally learn what Dr. Hedo's next plan will be in "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 90. By the looks of it, he will be creating better androids to recover his stolen disk.

Trunks and Goten are carefully putting a balance between their high school lives and being local superheroes. So, what will happen next in "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 90?

After Beta No. 1 fails in the previous chapter, Hedo will craft another plan by creating better androids. The super-intelligent scientist was so taken by Saiyaman X-1 and Saiyaman X-2 that he developed the androids Gamma X-1 and Gamma X-2.

But aside from this issue, the next chapter will also feature Trunks continuously trying to win Mai. Of course, he will also continue his mission to protect everyone with Goten as local superheroes.

So far, Trunks has been receiving far more attention than Goten, but this may change as the manga continues. Though no official spoilers for "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 90 have been revealed yet, the two heroes having Hedo detained will surely happen, and he will soon be imprisoned. From there, the film's events may start to happen.

Meanwhile, "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 89, "A Rival Appears," saw Trunks figuring out the disk's content. He tried it on his mom's computer, but a virus appeared.

Luckily, his sister had fixed everything before their mom learned what had happened. She then asked Trunks to prepare for school and take Mai with him.

Of course, she quickly agreed. From there, Mai introduced herself before the class and took her seat. But aside from her, a newcomer named Baytah joined in.

Baytah and Trunks then faced each other when the latter started playing basketball and trying to show off in front of Mai. Little did he know Hedo was watching his every move, wondering if he had stolen his disk.

Hedo then asked someone to keep an eye on Trunks, and it was later revealed to be Baytah. Mai later told Trunks that Baytah was an android due to the thing she saw at the back of his neck.

Accidentally, Goten unleashed his power, making Baytha think that he was the one who stole the disk. Baytha then revealed his true form and appearance and started to fight Goten.

Trunks knew he had to help Goten, so he excused himself from Mai, removed his mask, and donned his superhero costume. Trunks faced Baytah, but the latter saw Mai had the disk, so he shifted his focus to her.

He caught Mai, but Trunks went after him while Goten handled the school's situation. The two saved the day, while Hedo vowed to create more powerful androids to defeat the young superheroes.

"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 90 will drop Monday, February 20.