The fight against Sister Lily and the Paladins will continue in "Black Clover" Chapter 349. Asta will face the Paladins, and if he wins against these two, he will try his best to save Sister Lily from Lucius' influence, but the latter may join the fight.

Asta has vowed to save Lily and have her return to her true self. So, will it finally happen in "Black Clover" Chapter 349?

Asta may face Heath Grice in the upcoming chapter. If he wins against him, he may next fight Sister Lily.

The protagonist has been eyeing to rescue Sister Lily, but as Heath Grice is around, it may be impossible to happen. It's possible he will start attacking Asta, starting their heated battle.

Heath Grice had already met his demise, but Lucious brought him to life as a Paladin. It has been known that the former Wizard King can turn someone, whether dead or alive, into his Paladin.

While Yrul has returned to his original state, it remains to be seen what Asta's Anti-Magic Zetten can do to an already dead Paladin like Heath Grice. From there, Asta's next target will be Sister Lily in "Black Clover" Chapter 349.

But instead of defeating her, he will try his best to save him from Lucius' spell. However, given Asta's new strength, Lucius may join the fight to keep Lily safe for Judgement Day.

Though it remains to be seen if Lucius will intervene in the battle as Asta faces Lily, it's definitely a must-see. Fans may also catch a glimpse of what's happening at the Clover Kingdom and the Magic Knights.

Meanwhile, "Black Clover" Chapter 348 saw Lily surprise after seeing Asta alive, though she had teleported him away. Asta had successfully defended Ichika and told Liebe the illusion she saw must be connected to Yami Sukehiro as it resembled her.

Yrul then used his ability to disclose Asta's worse fear, as he thought Ichika could never succeed in a fair fight. Asta's greatest fear was himself, having insecurities about being inferior to his colleagues and questioning whether he could grow to be the Wizard King.

Asta had never shown anyone this fear, but he eventually realized it was true. Fortunately, he managed to cut through the illusion and strengthened his resolve.

Yrul then started his attack, Beast Magic: Holy Hunting. Though he was incredibly quick, he could see his motions and blocked his strike.

With his Zetten, Yosuga and Ichika watched how his Paladin powers turned off, returning Yrul to normal. From there, he promised to save and protect Sister Lily from Lucius.

"Black Clover" Chapter 348 will drop on Sunday, January 29.