Unofficial spoilers for "One Piece" Chapter 1073 have been revealed, hinting at an upcoming distressing issue. Despite that, it also indicates that things will be more exciting this time.

Reputable sources hint at what will happen next in "One Piece" Chapter 1073 with these unconfirmed spoilers. So, what will happen next?

Redon shared the first hint for the upcoming episode, with a GIF featuring a needle of a "Hype-O-Meter" flickering toward its maximum readout.

At the right of the gauge, a flashing indicator shows "PEAK" beneath it. Though it suggests nothing, it just hints that the new chapter will be exciting.

The next "One Piece" Chapter 1073 hint comes from Shanks, posting a GIF of the DC Comics superhero Batman, sitting in a chair inside his bat cave. He repeatedly throws his head into his hand, seemingly showing he's disappointed.

Though Shanks' hint seems different from Redon's, it's not far that the new chapter will be exciting and disappointing at the same time.

Another leaker, Fenaker from OP Scans, shows Kuma's flashback, Blackbeard's reappearance, and the start of Stussy's fight against Lucci. Since the community leakers still have to confirm these spoilers, fans should take it with a grain of salt.

However, fans can't help but theorize that Blackbeard's reappearance may mean that his fight with Law results in his and his Devil Fruit's victory. A glimpse of Kuma's flashback also leads to anticipation of the Egghead Island arc. Stussy's fight against Lucci may also confirm that she's the mysterious ally of Vegapunk.

Meanwhile, "One Piece" Chapter 1072 saw how Vegapunk was being stressed to reveal what he had done to Bonney's father. However, he remained determined not to show what he did to Kuma, as he had also promised the latter that he would never tell his child about it.

But Bonney found a room that might have contained Kuma's memories after turning him into a child. Vegapunk called it a "pain"; if Bonney touched it, she would die.

Bonney insisted she knew her father; it was his memories, not pain. A flashback was then seen, showing Vegapunk asking Kuma's help to measure his memories' weight.

Outside the lab phase, CP0 had control of the Seraphims, so Lilith and Edison went out to take over since they had the higher authority. Zoro and Kaku continued their fight, with the latter using the awakened devil's fruit ability.

Following Lucci's orders, the Seraphim destroyed the lab until Stussy surprisingly bit Kaku, making him fall asleep. She also asked Stussy to sleep, and it was later revealed that she was the clone of Buckingham Stussy, the former Rock Pirates member.

"One Piece" Chapter 1073 drops on Sunday, January 29.