"My Hero Academia" Chapter 379 will mostly focus on Lady Nagant's return as she begins her journey toward the light. The former Pro Hero may even work together with Hawks, as the latter remains in danger in Gunga.

A lot may still happen in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 379. Aside from Lady Nagant's arrival, it will also feature Shigaraki as he regains control over his body.

The new chapter will continuously focus on UA. Gentle and Lady Nagant return after being seen in a hospital with bandages all over her body.

By the looks of it, she has no strength to get into a fight this time. This just means her battle against AFO has left huge scars on her body, also leaving her rifle barely taped together.

With her return, "My Hero Academia" Chapter 379 may reveal how she has become the heroes' ally. Elsewhere, fans may see All Might in one of the fights after one of the previous chapter scenes saw him leaving a room with a suitcase.

His mental state has continuously declined since Deku returned to UA, with some thinking it's probably a hint of his death. Daigoro Banjo reveals that the fusion between Shigaraki and AFO was undone.

As it appears, AFO no longer has control over Tomura. But if the fusion completely gets undone, AFO will get erased as his human body in the Gunga Mountains will disappear soon.

Hence, "My Hero Academia" Chapter 379 may reveal Tomura will be the final villain Deku has to defeat.

Meanwhile, "My Hero Academia" Chapter 378 saw La Brava hacking the enemies' base and getting rid of the faults they did in flying UA. La Brava could always do good, so being on the heroes' side would always be welcome.

The previous chapter also showed when she was a shut-in. But it also revealed her good abilities despite just starting her career as a hacker.

La Brava showed her full support for the heroes by protecting the UA, though she failed to do so because of the time constraint. Fortunately, she wasn't the only one who saw a major character development, seeing the light through the hero's perspective.

Gentle also returned to do good, which he regretted not doing in the Festival arc. His meeting with Deku had a positive impact; now, he was ready to return the favor.

"My Hero Academia" Chapter 379 will be out on Sunday, January 29.