A royal photographer, who has worked with the world's most famous family for over 40 years, reveals what King Charles III is like behind the scenes. Amid the assumptions that people have of the new monarch, Arthur Edwards unveils the real attitude of His Majesty.

It has been four months since King Charles ascended the throne after Queen Elizabeth II's passing in September 2022. Working with the royal family for decades, what it's like to be with the royal family?

Edwards detailed his rocky start with the former prince when he started working with the royal family in the 1970s. Speaking to Hello!'s Emmy Griffiths, Andrea Caamano, and royal editor Emily Nash, he said they had "serious confrontations" back then.

They even had a fight. In the 50-minute episode of "The Right Royal" podcast, the photographer said, via Express, that their relationship eventually "blossomed" after seeing what the monarch did for others "day in, day out."

He was impressed by what King Charles did back then, thinking this man "got things done." As this changed his mind of him, Edwards admitted he didn't want to be aggressive toward him anymore and wanted to show his support for him as much as he could.

He continued that though their relationship couldn't be classed as friendship, he couldn't deny that the king was his favorite royal family member "without a doubt." "I admire him," he said. "[I] think what a great man he is."

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace revealed more details about King Charles' upcoming coronation on May 7. There will be a three-day celebration across the country, and the public will be invited to participate.

A "Coronation Big Lunch" and "Coronation Concert" will be held a day after the crowning and another bank holiday. On the last day, the public can join "The Big Help Out" by volunteering in their communities.

U.K. Secretary for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport Michelle Donelan said in a statement that "everyone is invited to join in, on any day." They can either join the special street party, watch the Coronation ceremony or spectacular on TV, or join The Big Help Out to help causes that matter to them.

The palace, alternatively, added that the coronation would be a "solemn religious service and an occasion for celebration and pageantry that Canterbury Justin Welby would conduct. The event is set to reflect the monarch's role today and look toward the future while "being rooted in longstanding traditions and pageantry."