Fans might see a delay in the release of "One Punch Man" Chapter 181 after its creator, Yusuke Murata, shared a major update that concerned many in a post on Twitter on Tuesday, May 7. By the looks of it, the new chapter may not be out this week.

The mangaka revealed he had to revise the "One Punch Man" Chapter 181 manuscript he submitted the other day. As many expected the next issue to drop soon, it might not be the case.

Murata has yet to announce the new installment's release date, but fans assume it will be out on Thursday, March 9. But considering there will be some changes two days before the anticipated release, seeing the next chapter may not happen this week.

Fans can't help but start to doubt Murata based on his recent tweets due to the original animation he's working on with Village Studio. So, will it affect the fan-favorite manga?

Meanwhile, "One Punch Man" Chapter 181 may see the continuation of Saitama and Tatsumaki's fight. There's also a possibility that Tsukuyomi's group relationship with God may be revealed, and the next focus may be on them.

Speed-o'-Sound Sonic may break Saitama and Tatsumaki's battle after pursuing the Caped Baldy when he recognizes the protagonist. Elsewhere, Tatsumaki may meet Fubuki when she disbands the Blizzard group, who refuses to leave the latter though he has already abolished the organization.

Hence, they may visit her again and try to resolve their issue to bring them back together in "One Punch Man" Chapter 181.

In "One Punch Man" Chapter 180, Saitama and Tatsumaki continued their fight, and the latter wasn't putting much effort into their battle though it might still end up with destruction. He willingly received Tatsumaki's continuous hits.

From there, the scene shifted to the Hero Association Headquarters, where Fubuki revealed her decision not to be a part of the Blizzard group anymore. Leather was then next seen getting into a fight to free the hostages.

After freeing Erika, she revealed she didn't want to be a gang member. The next act showed Saitama and Tatsumaki managing to remove the attackers from the way.

Kenzan Rat then entered the H-City, and when Metal Bat learned of it, he knew it was the right time to send reinforcement. The chapter ended with Metal Bat seemingly considering he no longer wanted violence and went home without a fight.

So far, there are no words yet on when "One Punch Man" Chapter 181 will officially drop.