Rumors have it that "Boruto" anime will take a lengthy hiatus that may last three months. Though no one has confirmed the news yet, just a tweet from a publication and some leakers, here's why it may not be far from happening.

There are claims that "Boruto" anime will start its hiatus after the release of Episode 293 this month. This news is a huge surprise as the Code arc has just begun and has been showing great results.

This will be the first time the series will go on a long break since it started in 2017. There could be a few reasons the show will be off the air, and it may have something to do with its source material.

Its manga version is ongoing and has already published 78 chapters. Though it's serialized on Weekly Shonen Jump, it only has a monthly release.

The anime nearly catches up with the manga as it has already adapted Chapter 63. The "Boruto" anime may have decided to take a long break due to the lack of source material.

This may also start changing the series' production into a seasonal anime, considering it's catching up to the manga too fast. This will give the production team enough time to adapt the manga's new chapters.

In addition, there are also claims that the show's contract with TV Tokyo is about to end. Hence, the break may also be its way to renew its deal or have the contract conditions changed.

Most anime series today have a seasonal format release, which means new episodes only drop in one or two quarters of a year. However, the most popular shonen anime, like "Boruto" and "One Piece," are exempted from this.

With their great popularity, they continuously release new episodes weekly. So, to avoid catching up to their source material, they often feature anime-original storylines, also called filler arcs.

Though "Boruto" has a manageable number of filler arcs, it can't be denied that it's also full of them. This has something to do with its manga's monthly release, unlike "One Piece," which has new chapters weekly--except when it takes a hiatus that only lasts for a week or two.

If the anime doesn't add these filler arcs and faithfully adapts its source material, it will easily catch up to its manga version. This is why "Boruto" has a lot of anime-original stories, which, some say, is already affecting its quality.

So far, the anime has already featured four episodes adapted from the manga. The "Boruto" anime will next release Episode 291, titled "Control," on Sunday, March 12, and Episode 293 will be out on March 26 before it takes its reported hiatus.