"The Glory" Part 2 has just ended, but fans are yet to move on from the lead stars', Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun, incredible chemistry on screen. But despite that, one fan can't help but to pinpoint the age gap between the two.

In real life, Song Hye Kyo is 41, while Lee Do Hyun is 27. By the looks of it, one fan seems to show some concern about their 14-year age gap in "The Glory" Part 2.

A netizen created a post titled "Putting Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun's couple age gap into perspective" in an online community forum via AllKpop. The post featured Song Joong Ki's ex-wife's side-by-side photos with the then-child actress Kim Sung Eun in the K-Drama "Soonpoong Clinic," which aired from 1998 to 2000.

The poster stressed that the K-drama queen already looked like an adult at the time, while the child star appeared young, given that she was just eight years old, born in 1990. The netizen then pointed out that Lee Do Hyun was even younger than Kim Sung Eun in real life, as he was born in 1995.

So, the fact that Kim Sung Eun looked like a baby next to Song Hye Kyo, what more Lee Do Hyun, with the netizen saying the age gap was far more obvious. Fans of the "Now, We Are Breaking Up" star and probably "The Glory" Part 2, too, said the two still looked good together.

One commenter cited Ha Jung Woo and Suzy, who have a 17-year age gap and did the movie "Ashfall" in 2019, but no one said negative things about the actor, asking everyone to leave Song Hye Kyo alone. Another one said that their image was different than their age gap.

Meanwhile, Lee Do Hyun is now making a big name for himself in the K-drama world. After playing the role of the plastic surgeon with a dark secret Joo Yeo Jeong in "The Glory" Part 2, what to know about the actor and what's next for him?

Despite being one of the newest Korean faces on the small screen, Lee Do Hyun has already become one of the most popular. He used to be a baller in middle school and studied film and theater at Chung-Ang University.

From there, he did "18 Again" and officially debuted in "Prison Playbook." He rose to prominence in "Hotel Del Luna," while his global stardom began in Netflix's "Sweet Home."

He was then next seen in "The Glory" Part 2, and his next project would be the drama "The Good Bad Mother" with Ra Mi Ran, reuniting him with the "Beyond Evil" director Sim Na Yeon. His first major movie role is the occult thriller "Pamyo" with Choi Min Sik and Kim Go Eun under "The Priests" director Jung Jae Hyun.