During an interview with Fox 5 New York, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, declined to pass judgment on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's decision to leave the royal family or his memoir, "Spare."

The duchess was promoting her new book, "A Most Intriguing Lady," when she was asked about the royal family's reaction to the memoir and the possibility of Harry and Meghan attending King Charles III's coronation.

Ferguson stated that she believed family unity was vital and that there should be no judgment on any level. She went on to say that she had absolutely no judgment on any other person's life, including Harry and Meghan's.

She also reflected on how America had helped her in the past, sharing that she divorced, went to America, wrote a book, and became the longest-running spokesperson for "Weight Watchers."

During the interview, the duchess denied having any relationship with Meghan Markle and claimed that she hadn't really met her. However, she did say that she thought Meghan was beautiful and admired her love for Harry and their children. When asked if Meghan had damaged the royal family, Ferguson replied that it was not her place to answer and that Harry was happy with her.

Ferguson refused to comment on whether Princess Diana would have loved Meghan, but she did state that Diana would be proud of Harry and her grandchildren. She also spoke about her own experiences spending 12 years in America after her divorce from Prince Andrew and how it was a wonderful place for her. She stated that she felt free in America and couldn't thank the American people enough for their support.

In response to reports that Harry and Meghan had received an invitation to King Charles III's coronation, Ferguson said that she had not received an invitation herself. She also declined to comment on whether Harry had made the right choice to leave the UK for California but shared that she understood why he would do that.

In conclusion, Sarah Ferguson's interview with Fox 5 New York focused on promoting her new book and sharing her personal experiences. She declined to pass judgment on Harry and Meghan's decision to leave the royal family or his memoir and expressed her belief in family unity.

While she denied having any relationship with Meghan, she admired Meghan's love for Harry and their children. Finally, she reflected on how America helped her in the past and stated that she understood why Harry would leave the UK for California.