Kate Middleton and Prince William rarely show major PDAs in public, but when they do, everyone goes frenzy. Former royal photographer John Stillwell gives a glimpse into the couple's sweet moment, showing the Princess of Wales's cheeky side while on a family skiing holiday.

Prince William and Kate are known to be private when it comes to their personal lives and relationships. However, fans still see glimpses of their sweet sides, no matter how rare.

In Hello's royal podcast, William and Kate: The Future of the Monarchy, recalled the couple's vacation in the French Alps in 2016, per Express. Stillwell went with them to take pictures of the Waleses, and the Duchess of Cornwall had some ideas about how the photo shoot would go-a cheeky snowball fight.

However, due to the bad weather, the session was almost canceled. But thanks to his quick thinking, it continued.

The photographer encouraged the future queen consort to show her funny side and included Prince George and Princess Charlotte in the pictures. At the time, Prince Louis wasn't born yet, being delivered in 2018.

Though it wasn't his original plan, it came out perfect. Prince William and Kate looked very much in love in the picture as the latter threw snow at her husband and played with the snow.

Stillwell was the royals' photographer for 30 years. He officially retired in 2019.

Meanwhile, though Prince William and Kate often make public appearances, they're rarely seen holding hands, rubbing each other's backs, or linking their arms. They're the opposite of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who often show PDA.

They opt to appear professional whenever they make official outings, considering they're senior members of the royal family, to avoid getting too much attention to their romance. However, they have left their guard down a few times, letting the public see their love and affection for each other.

One good example was when they graced the red carpet of the 2023 BAFTA Awards on February 20 in London. While they walked in front of the crowd and the cameras, Prince William whispered to Kate's ears, and she was later seen smiling and gently tapping his behind.

They also looked very much in love in the black-and-white behind-the-scenes photos from their appearance at the Earthshot Prize Awards in Boston in December 2022. Prince William was looking at his wife adorably. Kate, too, was seen clapping for her better half from afar as he took the stage.