Amid the controversy surrounding SM Entertainment's acquisition, Yoo Young Jin's resignation, and Lee Soo Man's departure, Girls Generation's Taeyon shared a cryptic post on Instagram. So, will the 34-year-old leave the company after its executives' departure?

HYBE confirmed it would stop competing with Kakao to acquire SM, suspending its takeover of the latter. That said, Kakao will become the largest shareholder of SM, and many fear it may affect its K-pop artists, including Girls' Generation, and its members, like Taeyeon.

Though the fierce competition is over, some are not pleased with how things are going. Taeyeon seems to address the controversy after posting a cryptic photo on her Instagram story, showing Park Yeon Jin's (Lim Ji Yeon) resignation letter from the hit K-drama "The Glory."

In the scene, Park Yeon Jin wrote a resignation letter on the back of her weather report script. But in Taeyon's post, she crossed out Park Yeon Jin's name and changed it with hers, alluding that she was resigning.

Hence, many saw it as a hint that the Girls' Generation's possible resignation from SM due to the acquisition controversy, per AllKpop. Her post also comes after Sports Chosun reported that Yoo Young Jin had left SM.

Yoo Young Jin is dubbed the "father of SM music," but he left the label after Lee Soo Man's exit. Before the general shareholders' board meeting on March 31, Kakao reportedly eyes to have the management rights of SM.

Alternatively, the agency's current management wants to remodel the company as SM 3.0 to be a "multi-label structure with greater output by 2025." With this change, the company's new generations of artists are expected to benefit the most.

Hence, the future of the older generations, who were built under the supervision of Lee Soo Man and Yoo Young Jin, isn't secured. Sports Chosun predicted that artists close to Lee Soo Man might follow in his footsteps and leave SM.

In fact, the first-generation SM artist BoA is reportedly considering her departure, though TVXQ's decision remains "unpredictable." Super Junior, in addition, may likely stay with SM, considering they're under its subsidiary Label SJ. They also said to have a close connection to the company's current management, managed by the co-CEO Tak Young Joon.

Lastly, Girls' Generation members may have divided decisions. They may seek new opportunities with other labels, especially Taeyeon, Sunny, Yuri, Hyoyeon, and YoonA will have to renew their contracts within the next two to three years.