Fans haven't moved on from the final episodes of "The Glory" Part 2 after it dropped on Friday, March 10, on Netflix. Many lauded the show's epic scenes and the characters' acting, led by Song Hye Kyo, choosing the best sequence that gave them goosebumps.

Viewers were also confused about Cha Joo Young's dramatic nude scenes, asking if she had a body double. With "The Glory" Part 2's unexpected twists and turns, here's what voted as the audience's favorite scene.

Song Hye Kyo's stellar acting has been the front and center of the series, impressing fans once again with her exceptional performance. One of the most epic sequences viewers love from the show is Moon Dong Eun's fight with her alcoholic mom, Jung Mi Hee (Park Ji Ah).

She called her mother her first perpetrator, asking her to stop laughing at her. However, Jung Mi Hee didn't heed and even started a fire, knowing her daughter feared it.

She then asked her child to apologize to her and beg for forgiveness. But instead of doing that, Moon Dong Eun thanked her "for not changing" and "staying the same," probably helping her decision to bring her to a rehabilitation facility.

Fans picked this scene as one of the bests, applauding both Song Hye and Park Ji Ah's incredible performance in "The Glory" Part 2. One fan said it gave her goosebumps, while another claimed that their acting was "so amazing."

Elsewhere, fans are quite confused if Cha Joo Young used a body double in her nude scene as her character, Choi Hye Jung, joined Jeon Jae Jun (Park Sung Hoon) in a bath. In a YouTube video by Lee Jin Ho, posted on Tuesday, March 14, he spoke to a professional video forensics expert Kim Doo Ho to analyze if the scene featured the real actress or a different one.

He noted that the credits at the show's end listed Lee Do Yeon as Choi Hye Jung's body double. Hence, he wanted to know if that sexy scene was made through computer graphics or if a different body was used.

Kim Doo Hoo explained that looking at the position of her shoulder line and the direction of the lighting, it was highly possible that computer graphics were used. He believed the scene was made through CG and deep fake.

Even if "The Glory" Part 2's editors tried to make their hair the same, there was a difference in how the mane stuck out. So, he concluded a body double and a deep fake technology were both used.

All episodes of "The Glory" are now streaming on Netflix.