Chaeyoung from the K-pop group TWICE has recently issued an apology statement after receiving backlash for wearing a shirt with a Nazi swastika design. The controversy arose after Chaeyoung posted a new picture of herself on Instagram.

She later took down the post and apologized for not recognizing the true meaning behind the symbol on her shirt. "I deeply apologize for not thoroughly reviewing it, causing concern. I will pay absolute attention in the future to prevent any situation similar from happening again," she wrote.

The swastika symbol has a deep historical significance as an ancient symbol, but it was later adopted by the Nazi Party and is now associated with hate, infamy, and anti-Semitism. Chaeyoung and TWICE's agency, JYP Entertainment, also posted an apology statement on their official website.

This is not the first time Chaeyoung has found herself in hot waters due to her fashion choices. She recently wore a shirt with a photo of Sex Pistols' Sid Vicious wearing a swastika shirt, which also sparked outrage. Additionally, during a performance with TWICE, she wore a crop top with the letter Q and patterns from the US flag and the words "we go all" below it, which some fans interpreted as a reference to the conspiracy theory movement, QAnon. At that time, Chaeyoung and JYP Entertainment did not issue a statement.

Chaeyoung's recent controversy highlights the importance of being mindful of the symbols and messages conveyed through fashion choices. It also serves as a reminder of the historical significance and sensitivity of certain symbols, such as the swastika.