Meghan Markle has been a polarizing figure in the United Kingdom since her marriage to Prince Harry in 2018. The couple's decision to step down as senior royals and relocate to the United States only fueled the negative sentiment. While it is difficult to pinpoint a single reason for the animosity, several factors contribute to the backlash Meghan faces in Britain.

Race and the Monarchy

Touré, a writer for The Grio, argues that "part of the real problem is race." As an institution, the British royal family represents the epitome of whiteness. Meghan's entry into the family challenged this perception, forcing people to confront the notion of racial equality in an environment where whiteness was previously unchallenged. For some, the idea of a royal marrying outside their race threatened the family's unique status, leading to a negative response.

As freelance writer R. S. Locke explained in 2021, Meghan's biracial background invalidated the prerequisites of birth and blood that had previously defined eligibility for royal status. Her pride in her heritage and insistence on seeing herself as an equal to other royals led to accusations of ingratitude. The media's focus on her race went largely unchallenged by the royal family, further alienating Meghan from the British public.

An American Outsider Meghan's nationality and background also play a role in her unpopularity. In contrast to Kate Middleton, who hails from an aristocratic British family, Meghan is an American with humble origins. The British public's "conservative criteria" seem to favor Kate, while Meghan receives a colder, more hostile reception.

Family Ties, Image and A Hollywood Past 

The British royal family has long cultivated a polished image, which contrasts sharply with Meghan's unconventional family background. Her estrangement from her father, Thomas Markle Sr., and her tense relationship with her step-siblings have fueled the perception that she does not meet the British public's expectations for a royal family member.

Meghan's previous career as an actress has also contributed to her unpopularity among conservative Brits. Although she enjoyed success in Hollywood, her roles in TV shows like Suits have not endeared her to those who disapprove of her acting background.

Breaking Royal Tradition

Meghan has faced significant criticism for her perceived disregard of royal protocol and tradition. Her insistence on following her own instincts and beliefs, even when they conflict with established royal practices, has made her a target of disapproval.

Meghan has been widely blamed for the couple's departure from the royal family, an event dubbed "Megxit" by the media. Despite the couple's stated goal of financial independence and continued support for Queen Elizabeth II, the British public has largely held Meghan responsible for the decision, overlooking the complex factors that led to their departure.