Former President Donald Trump and his wife Melania are reportedly embroiled in a $3.2 billion divorce conflict as allegations of hush money payments to a porn star resurface in headlines worldwide, according to sources speaking to The National ENQUIRER.

Insiders claim that Melania is "totally revolted" by the scandal surrounding her husband's indictment on charges of falsifying business records and has begun searching for a divorce attorney.

"Melania is beyond humiliated," a source revealed. "She begged Donald to abandon his political ambitions after the 2020 election fiasco, but he wouldn't, and now their already troubled marriage is at an all-time low." Sources indicate that the couple has been living separate lives since 2016, when news broke of Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen paying $130,000 in hush money to adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

Melania reportedly delayed moving into the White House after Trump's inauguration, citing their son Barron's schooling as the reason. However, sources claim that the real reason was marital discord. "Melania never wanted to move to D.C. and it's been a source of conflict and resentment in their marriage ever since," said the insider. "She is even said to have used her move to Washington as leverage to renegotiate their prenup agreement."

After the 2020 election, the couple settled in Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, where Melania maintains a low profile while Trump engages with supporters. However, the recent indictment has reignited tensions. Melania was absent during Trump's booking and arraignment in New York City and at a Mar-a-Lago campaign rally.

"She's tired of pretending she and Donald are anything more than parties to a political and financial arrangement," a spy disclosed. Noted New York divorce attorney Raoul Felder stated that any potential divorce would hinge on the terms of the prenuptial agreement signed before their 2005 marriage and any subsequent postnuptial agreements. Despite the challenges, sources suggest that Melania is determined to secure a substantial settlement.

"She's furious and she wants her pound of flesh," declared the source. "She wants to make him pay for her misery - literally!"