Despite a decade-long tenure as a royal, the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, emphasizes that she is persistently learning and evolving in her role. During a recent visit to Bristol's St. Katherine's School as part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Middleton engaged with students and revealed her continuous learning journey.

Middleton interacted with students who had been mentored by athletes under The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, listening intently to their experiences and how their mentorships had improved emotional management and resilience.

The Trust's founder, two-time Olympic gold medalist Dame Kelly Holmes, reflected on Middleton's candid conversation with the students about her life as a royal. "She said she 'had to learn and she's still learning every day,'" Holmes told People, emphasizing that the princess is still navigating her way to fit in and be accepted in her royal role.

Holmes further disclosed that Middleton discussed her ongoing efforts to hone certain skills, such as public speaking. "Doing public speaking isn't a natural thing for lots of people, and she said she's still working that out, how to project," Holmes revealed.

The Olympic champion further appreciated Middleton's willingness to answer questions, making her seem more relatable. Holmes described Middleton as "lovely," appreciating her humility and humanizing approach.

Documentary maker and mental health advocate Zara McDermott, who met with Middleton during the visit, also lauded the Princess of Wales. As one of the champions of Middleton's Shaping Us campaign, McDermott praised the princess's ability to connect authentically with people.

Describing Middleton as "personable" and an "inspiration," McDermott observed, "When you're in a room with her, it feels like she's one of everyone. She's really amazing at just slotting right in so beautifully to any setting that she's in."

McDermott also noted Middleton's passion for early development, a topic close to the princess's heart, and expressed her honor to work with the royal on the campaign. "It's an absolute honor to work with her and that she wanted me here today," she added.

Both Holmes and McDermott's narratives paint a picture of a princess who is continuously striving to grow and connect, a testament to Middleton's commitment to her role and her desire to make a difference.