As per the assertions of acclaimed royal biographer Christopher Andersen, Queen Camilla is playing a pivotal role in deepening the rift between King Charles III and his younger son, Prince Harry. Andersen claims that the Queen uses the "non-working royals" argument and Harry's critical depictions of her in his revealing memoir "Spare" to wedge Charles further from his estranged son.

Andersen informed Fox News Digital, "The Queen has used this nonsensical 'But they're no longer working royals' argument to further alienate the King from his second son. I think every time the King considers handing Harry an olive branch, Camilla makes sure Charles is reminded of all the terrible things written about her in 'Spare.'"

The royal biographer painted a picture of a tense relationship between Queen Camilla and King Charles' sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Harry's memoir, which disclosed that both brothers had pleaded with their father not to marry Camilla, reportedly left her surprised and upset.

Andersen mentioned, "Camilla was understandably livid over Harry's characterization of her as a 'villain' in his book... Charles has been sitting on that little tidbit for 18 years."

Despite the apparent disapproval of the princes, Andersen believes Queen Camilla, known for her determination, would still have chosen to marry King Charles.

Andersen further reflected on the strained relations between Prince Harry and the royal family, especially in the aftermath of Harry's fleeting appearance at King Charles' coronation. He expressed skepticism over any potential reconciliation, given Camilla's alleged role in distancing Harry from the family.

Andersen, the author of "Game of Crowns: Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate, and the Throne," predicted, "Charles seems to be drifting more and more in the direction of just severing those ties, and that will become easier as more and more time passes."

In his memoir, Prince Harry portrayed Camilla as "dangerous" and accused her of exploiting him for her personal PR efforts. He further explained in an interview with Anderson Cooper that what made Camilla dangerous was "the connections that she was forging within the British press."

Prince Harry also admitted in a January "Good Morning America" interview that he hadn't spoken to Camilla in a long time. He doesn't see her as an "evil stepmother" but as someone focused on improving her reputation.

Royal expert Nick Bullen, the co-founder of True Royalty TV, confirmed that Camilla was reportedly "pretty furious" about Harry's book, yet he believes she has moved past the incident. Bullen said, "She plays a much longer game, and she plays with a much straighter bat... She was, I'm told, annoyed by what was said but moved on pretty quickly from what was said."