In the world of British royalty, appearances are everything, yet, behind closed doors, it appears that even Prince William, second in line to the throne, is not immune to the occasional tantrum, requiring some maternal handling from his wife, Kate Middleton.

"Kate is inclined to treat William as an additional child given his propensity for fits of pique," Tom Quinn, a royal author, reveals. He suggests that the royal couple's relationship, while outwardly idyllic, is punctuated by discord now and then.

"Their marriage isn't devoid of strife. They do clash quite vociferously," Quinn discloses. "But, unlike couples who might resort to physical confrontation, their arguments involve tossing cushions at each other. They always manage to maintain a certain decorum."

Adhering to the royal family's credo of "never complain, never explain," the parents of Prince George, Prince Louis, and Princess Charlotte have been successful in embodying the very principle that defines Queen Elizabeth II's renowned reign.

Quinn elaborates, "Given that William has adopted his grandmother's comportment and Kate is adept at maintaining silence, they've adhered closely to the ethos that distinguishes the Queen as a remarkable monarch. Their complaints, if any, are always couched in careful terms."

Royal author Robert Jobson, divulged that Prince William's temper could flare up when interacting with his father, King Charles.

"William can be challenging, his driven nature sometimes translating into impatience and a short fuse, particularly when he's dealing with Charles," Jobson shares. "Charles has a quick temper too, but his outbursts are fleeting. William, on the other hand, tends to hold on to his ire."

In a shocking revelation in his memoir "Spare", Prince Harry confessed to a physical confrontation with his elder brother, apparently over Meghan Markle.

He described an incident where William allegedly "grabbed me by the collar, breaking my necklace, and knocking me down. I fell onto the dog's bowl, shards piercing my back. Dazed, I managed to stand up and told him to leave."

During an interview, Harry implied that therapy helped him deal with his pent-up anger and frustration, allowing him to respond more calmly to the situation. "Without therapy to help me manage my anger and frustration, I'm certain I would've fought back," he declared.

These insights into the royal family's internal dynamics were reported by The Mirror.