The ongoing rift between Princes Harry and William has deepened, stirring concerns that this familial discord could endure for years. A potential mediator emerging from within the royal ranks might help mend these frayed relationships, namely, their aunt, Princess Anne.

The Duke of Sussex's recent appearance at the coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla at Westminster Abbey marked his first public reunion with the royal family following the release of his contentious memoir, "Spare". Notably, Harry was situated in the third row, two rows behind his elder brother, the Prince of Wales. The brothers did not engage in any conversation during the ceremony, with Harry returning promptly to California thereafter.

Despite the apparent detachment, Princess Anne interacted amiably with Harry during the event. Spotted turning toward a cheerful Harry, she was reported to have inquired about his comfort in his seat, positioned three rows behind. "I don't mind," Harry replied, followed by a jovial suggestion, "Sit at the front!"

A source revealed to the Mail on Sunday, "The Princess Royal has always held a special affection for Harry, and they share a delightful sense of humor. Princess Anne, as the second-born, relates to Harry's position and has felt a sense of duty to support her nephew, especially after Diana's passing. The two have more in common than what meets the eye."

In the past, a confidant of the royal family suggested that Prince Harry could benefit from a conversation with Anne, who, as a second-born herself, experienced a comparable position to his. A source shared with the Telegraph, "She was demoted in the line of succession due to her gender but forged her own path. Despite her frustrations in her twenties, she persevered. Her astute insights and experiences could be very beneficial to Harry."

During an interview before the King's Coronation, Anne subtly alluded to Harry while discussing a streamlined monarchy. She told CBC, "The term 'slimmed-down' seemed appropriate when there were more individuals around." Upon asked about changes, she responded, "It does change slightly. However, from where I stand, it doesn't seem like a good idea. There's not much more we can do."

In 2022, Princess Anne was recognized as the most diligent royal, having conducted 214 engagements, including visits to the US and Falkland Islands, as per the official records of the Court Circular. She also led the league of royal engagements in 2021, 2018, 2016, and 2015, further solidifying her dedication and commitment to her royal duties.