SHINee, already known as the "Princes of K-pop," has been honoured with a new accolade from Korean media: the unmatched "Edge of K-pop." This recognition came just two days before their 15th debut anniversary on May 25.

Reports from key Korean media outlets such as OSEN, Newsen, Xports News, and Sports Chosun, as well as the group's official SNS, reinforced the band's supremacy in K-pop. SHINee's diverse talents make them the undisputed "idol of idols," with a strong record of setting new trends in music, performance, and fashion.

In its prime, SHINee has been lauded for their distinct and sophisticated music style that sets them apart from their peers. After their debut, they achieved the remarkable "Rookie Grand Slam," securing all "Rookie of the Year" awards from five significant music awards shows. Their enduring iconic hits, such as "Ring Ding Dong," "Sherlock," and "View," continue to captivate audiences and inspire trends in K-pop.

The uniqueness of SHINee's music style also sets them apart. Despite the continuous evolution and experimentation of their sound, the band has always maintained the signature completeness and distinctiveness of their music. Instead of recycling concepts, SHINee has consistently expanded and enriched their stories.

Further, SHINee stands as a group that progressively outdoes their previous work. Each release proves to be an improvement on the last, showcasing the band's commitment to growth and excellence.

SHINee is slated to release their first full-length album in nearly two years this June. This album is expected to mark a significant milestone in their career, further expanding the group's musical horizons. "SHINee, who attracts high attention from global fans as well as the music industry, is expected to show a new and powerful chapter," the reports predict.

As part of their 15th debut anniversary celebrations, the group, recognised as one of the most well-rounded in K-pop, is preparing to return to the limelight. The festivities will kick off with the launch of a pop-up store on May 25, followed by a fan meeting at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul on the 27th and 28th of May. The anticipation for their upcoming full-length album in June is also building, as fans eagerly await the next chapter in SHINee's illustrious journey.