Royal insiders have recently shared their thoughts on potential trouble brewing in the marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after five years.

Express's royal correspondent, Kara Kennedy, and Mail on Sunday's senior editor, Charlotte Griffiths, expressed concern about the state of the Sussexes' union following a lack of public recognition for their five-year wedding anniversary and circulating rumors of Prince Harry's separate retreat from Markle.

Although Prince Harry's spokesperson dismissed the stories about a private hotel room used as a retreat, Kennedy suggested these signs could foretell the end. Her remarks were, however, not independently corroborated by International Business Times.

She voiced her skepticism on "Dan Wootton Tonight", claiming the marriage had been "doomed from the start." Kennedy drew a stark contrast between the Sussexes and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, stating, "Look at William and Kate, they face exactly the same pressure as the Sussexes, but they come out stronger than ever."

Griffiths brought up a few recent instances that could be seen as red flags, hinting at possible issues within the couple's marriage.

For Griffiths, one such instance was when Markle attended the Women of Vision Awards in New York City last week without her engagement ring, only wearing her wedding and eternity rings. She added, "Why are all these narratives coming out now just as they hit their five-year anniversary? If it wasn't the case, they'd be doing everything in their power to stop speculation."

Kennedy echoed her sentiment, stating that these indicators have been present for some time. She noted Markle's noticeable absence during promotional interviews for Harry's memoir, "Spare", earlier this year. "Harry kind of looked like a lost lamb. So it is very noticeable that Meghan was missing around January," she claimed.

Bronte Coy, a royal and entertainment reporter at, also found it "weird" and "very strange" that the couple did not publicly commemorate their anniversary this year, a practice they had previously used to highlight their charitable endeavors.

Despite stepping back from royal duties and moving to California in 2020, the couple has historically marked their anniversary with low-key family celebrations and the exchange of gifts, as per People magazine. The reason behind their silence on this year's occasion remains unknown.