Apple's forthcoming iOS 17, set to be unveiled in June, is reportedly incorporating a specialized journaling application, as indicated by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. The Wall Street Journal earlier disclosed Apple's endeavors on a journaling app akin to Day One's style, yet it was uncertain whether it would materialize in iOS 17.

As Gurman affirms, the application is indeed poised to feature in iOS 17, bringing "note taking and a stronger social element" to the iPhone ecosystem.

The ‌Wall Street Journal‌ previously suggested that the app will allow users to log daily happenings and contemplations. Apple will propose subjects for users to jot down, from workouts to meetings, and incorporate an "All Day People Discovery" function that pinpoints when users are near others. While the app will detect users receiving text messages, calls, and other alerts, on-device privacy will be at the core.

This journaling application seems to be a health-centric endeavor by Apple, providing insights into each user's typical day. It is also expected to sync with a mood tracking feature that Apple plans for iOS 17. The emotion tracking app will enable users to monitor their mood, respond to queries about their day, and review their responses over time.

Apple aims to incorporate the Health app into the iPad for the first time through the journaling and mood tracking features, granting iPad users access to their health data even when an iPhone isn't at hand.

Third-party developers like Day One have long provided journaling platforms for the iPhone and iPad, and early reports indicate that Apple's service may emulate Day One's model.

Day One expressed their excitement about Apple broadening the journaling audience and pledged to keep their app "the very best option" for journaling enthusiasts, as disclosed in April when news of Apple's journaling app emerged.

Alongside the health-focused upgrades, iOS 17 is set to enhance several apps and features including Wallet, Find My, SharePlay, and AirPlay, according to Gurman's report. Apple is expected to preview iOS 17 during its WWDC keynote on June 5, and release the update to all users by September.

Particulars about these enhancements are scant, but it's known that the Wallet app will undergo "significant changes," and location services are due for enhancement in the Find My app.

Apple is additionally refining its SharePlay feature, which allows joint content viewing via FaceTime, and bolstering its wireless streaming protocol, AirPlay. The tech giant has reportedly been in talks with hotels and other establishments to streamline the AirPlay content process to non-owned TVs/devices.