The usually private life of Prince William, the future King of England, has recently seen a slight curtain lift as his wife, Kate Middleton, dished out on some of his peculiarities. Resurfaced statements from a 2018 event reveal the Prince's knack for enjoying a meal while lounging on the sofa.

While attending the inauguration of a recreational area at the Royal Air Force Base in Cyprus, Greece, Prince William jokingly warned the attendees to "Keep the pizza off the sofas," to which the Duchess of Cambridge light-heartedly retorted, "You're a nightmare with that."

The prince's idiosyncrasies extend beyond his penchant for couch-dining, as noted by royal author Tom Quinn. A source close to the royal couple disclosed to Quinn that the Duchess sometimes treats her husband like a fourth child due to his occasional tantrums. Despite this, their disagreements are never severe, and the couple manages to keep disputes under control.

The royal couple adheres to the institution's motto of "never complain, never explain," a philosophy that Quinn believes has allowed them to navigate the royal life successfully. Both Prince William and Kate mirror Queen Elizabeth II's remarkable stoicism and seldom voice any complaints.

Royal expert Robert Jobson further illuminated Prince William's temperament, stating that the future monarch occasionally shows his short fuse, especially when interacting with his father, King Charles. "He can get frustrated and flare up, and then, in an instant, it is forgotten about. With William, it is rarely forgotten," Jobson said.

Prince William's fiery side was also highlighted by his brother, Prince Harry, in his memoir, "Spare." Harry recounted a physical altercation with his elder sibling, claiming that without therapy sessions to manage his anger, he would have certainly retaliated.

Despite these revelations, it's clear that the royal couple navigates their disagreements gracefully and has mastered the art of managing life under the public eye.