Royal commentator Tom Bower recently shared his perspective on Meghan Markle's relative quiet in the public eye while her spouse, Prince Harry, captures headlines and attracts controversy. Bower, known for his work as a biographer of the British royal family, suggests Markle may be strategizing behind-the-scenes, utilizing Prince Harry as her public mouthpiece.

The Duke of Sussex has drawn media attention recently for his controversial memoir "Spare," his presence at King Charles' coronation, his ongoing lawsuits against several newspapers, and a court decision denying his request for police protection in the U.K. Throughout these events, Markle has remained notably silent.

In an interview on GB News' "Dan Wootton Tonight," Bower remarked, "It's all Harry. Meghan stays silent. She is using Harry to fight her battles, but she is keeping her voice off-camera. And that is very interesting because she clearly is building up to something quite big."

Bower went on to suggest that the Duchess of Sussex's strategic silence and Prince Harry's string of controversial actions could signal a significant turn of events for the couple. In Bower's view, Harry's involvement in a disputed car chase incident with paparazzi in New York City and his departure from royal duties may have tarnished his reputation and credibility.

Royal biographer Angela Levin echoed Bower's sentiments during a previous GB News segment, insinuating that Markle may be influencing Harry's standoffish relationship with his family. Levin suggested, "I think the whole lot is Meghan. He's been brainwashed, and he's been left out to dry."

Adding to the speculative mix, recent rumors suggested potential marital issues between Prince Harry and Markle, including a claim that Harry maintains a hideaway separate from his wife, a claim his representative has denied.

Contrasting these conjectures, royal commentator Kara Kennedy predicted an impending split for the couple, saying, "This is the inevitable beginning of the end," and suggesting that the pressure on their relationship is largely self-created.

Regardless of these speculations, Prince Harry and Markle have maintained a united front in public. Sightings of the couple throughout the year include a night out at Los Angeles' San Vicente Bungalows, an LA Lakers game, and a sushi date after Prince Harry's return from the London coronation.