Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's spokesperson has addressed skepticism surrounding a reported high-risk car chase in Manhattan, underlining the gravity of the situation in light of the royal couple's past experiences.

As per the representative, the insinuation that the intense car pursuit was a calculated PR gimmick is not only off-base but also deeply distasteful. "One would have to disregard the Duke's family history and hold little respect for the couple or anyone associated with them to even suggest such a thing," the spokesperson stated. This comment drew attention to the tragic death of Princess Diana, Harry's mother, who was killed in a car crash while being pursued by paparazzi in 1997.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were reportedly involved in a nerve-wracking chase after departing the Ziegfeld Ballroom on Tuesday, May 16. Their spokesperson described a scene of "relentless pursuit, lasting over two hours," which nearly caused collisions involving other motorists, pedestrians, and two NYPD officers.

In contrast to these claims, the NYPD, in a statement released the following day, downplayed the severity of the incident. They acknowledged the presence of multiple photographers, which did pose challenges, but confirmed that the royal couple reached their destination safely. They further reported no instances of collisions, injuries, summonses, or arrests.

Sukhcharn "Sonny" Singh, the cab driver who drove the Sussexes during the ordeal, also shared his perspective of the incident. In an interview with the BBC, Singh conceded that while the paparazzi did follow them, they maintained a respectful distance. The Sussexes, he recalled, seemed tense, but their security personnel were on high alert.

Despite the circumstances, Singh emphasized that he never felt that lives were at risk. He contended that the situation had been overly dramatized, suggesting that there was no need to fear in New York, as it is one of the safest cities, with a robust police presence.

The response from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's spokesperson was obtained by the New York Times.