Royal biographer and commentator Tom Bower recently put forth his prediction of further legal setbacks for Prince Harry, also stating that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are unwelcome at New York's Carlyle Hotel, a favourite of Princess Diana.

Appearing on "Dan Wootton Tonight," Bower, author of "Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors," responded to the recent loss of Prince Harry's bid to personally finance his police protection during his U.K. visits. Bower expressed his lack of surprise at the decision and further predicted an unfavorable outcome for Prince Harry in a subsequent legal case against the U.K. government.

"He was destined to lose the case against the government," Bower stated, referring to the Duke's recent defeat. He continued, "He's lodged a second case against the government, which, I predict, will meet a similar fate."

Prince Harry's ongoing claim contests the "procedural unfairness" of the Home Office's decision to retract his publicly-funded protection following his step back from royal duties in 2020. The hearing for this is yet to be scheduled, according to People.

In addition to these legal hurdles, Prince Harry, along with other public figures, faces a lawsuit against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) over alleged historical phone-hacking. Bower voiced his anticipation for the upcoming cross-examination, hinting at a potential harsh interrogation of Prince Harry by Andrew Green, the lawyer representing the Mirror. "I envision a tough ordeal for Harry, possibly the toughest he's experienced," Bower noted. "I see this as the start of his reputation's decline."

Bower went on to express his opinion on the controversy following the Duke and Duchess's account of a two-hour "near catastrophic" car chase involving "aggressive paparazzi" in New York City on May 16. Critics, including Whoopi Goldberg, cast doubt on the credibility of their allegations.

Bower also shed light on claims that the Sussexes were denied a discounted room at the Carlyle Hotel and instead stayed at a friend's residence. The couple's choice of accommodations reportedly led to their unfortunate run-in with the paparazzi.

"Sources inform me that the Carlyle was not only unwilling to offer the Sussexes a discounted deal but also preferred that they didn't visit, fearing the negative impact associated with their presence," Bower claimed, noting that the hotel's alleged decision led to adverse publicity overshadowing the award ceremony they attended.

However, these assertions remain unverified by independent sources.