An incendiary letter penned by Brian Laundrie's mother, Roberta, has been disclosed to the public after a recent court session, according to latest reports.

Roberta Laundrie and her husband, Chris, have been embroiled in the suspicious circumstances surrounding their son since September 2021. It was then that Brian returned solo to their Florida residence from a nation-trotting backpacking journey with his fiancée, Gabby Petito, prompting an outcry from Gabby's parents, Joseph Petito and Nichole Schmidt.

Upon the realization that their daughter was absent, Gabby's parents alerted the authorities. This sparked widespread conjecture that the Laundries were concealing vital facts from both Gabby's family and the investigators.

Gabby's body was discovered outside Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, on September 19, 2021. Brian was subsequently declared a "person of interest" in Gabby's demise, and a nationwide manhunt was launched. His remains were found on October 21 near a nature reserve close to his family home in North Port, Florida, with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

A letter found close to Brian's body confessed to ending Gabby's life. Gabby's parents have since filed a civil suit against the Laundries, claiming they were complicit in their daughter's death and aided their son in evading justice.

A controversial part of their lawsuit is the "burn after reading" letter Roberta sent to her son, which, according to Gabby's parents, indicates the extent of Roberta's willingness to protect Brian. The chilling letter reads, "If you're in jail I will bake a cake and put a file in it," and, "If you need to dispose of a body. I will show up with a shovel and garbage bags."

Roberta, via her attorney, told Fox News Digital that the letter's intent was distorted and was being used for "sensationalism" in the case. She argued that she penned the letter before Brian and Gabby embarked on their trip, with certain phrases singled out to dramatize the situation.

Roberta defended the questionable phrases related to jail and body disposal as symbolic expressions of her love for Brian, based on their shared humor derived from childhood books "Little Bear" and "The Runaway Bunny" and a writing journal titled "Burn After Writing," which she gifted to Brian and Gabby.

Expressing her love for Brian in the statement, Roberta said, "That is why I wrote 'Burn After Reading' on the envelope, and I knew that Brian would know what that meant. I am now appreciative that he actually kept it."