As Celine Dion battles stiff-person syndrome, her unwavering determination for a resounding comeback is bolstered by a steadfast friendship with country star Shania Twain, according to Radar Online.

The enduring friendship between these two musical icons has blossomed over decades, offering mutual support in times of both triumph and adversity. "Celine and Shania have been confidantes for years," disclosed an insider, "They've stood by each other through thick and thin."

When Dion's husband and manager, René Angelil, passed away in 2016, Twain stepped in to guide her through uncharted professional waters, drawing from her own experience following her divorce from producer Mutt Lange in 2010. Twain's insights, cultivated from her own career adjustments post-divorce, became invaluable to Dion.

With Dion's recent health challenges, including a diagnosis of stiff-person syndrome in 2022, their bond has deepened further. The insider added, "Shania wants Celine to know she is not alone. It's a hard fight to wage privately, and it can feel isolating."

The disease, a rare neurological disorder characterized by muscle rigidity and uncontrollable spasms, led Dion to cancel the remaining dates of her Courage World Tour last week. The iconic singer had planned performances in 2023 and 2024, but decided to prioritize her health.

Reassuring her fans, Dion affirmed, "I want you all to know, I'm not giving up ... and I can't wait to see you again!"

Despite grappling with the severe side effects of her condition, Dion remains resolute in her journey towards recovery. A source close to the singer revealed Dion's drive is fueled by the desire to honor the memory of her late husband, René.

"Determined to script a remarkable comeback tale, Celine hopes to make René proud from above," the source said. "She's not going to bow out without a fight."

An unwavering spirit defines Dion's approach towards overcoming her health adversities. She has been immersing herself in physiotherapy, maintaining a healthy diet, practicing meditation, and yoga, in anticipation of a triumphant return to the stage next year. The insider shared, "She's refusing to accept defeat."