In a shocking revelation, Sarah Ferguson, ex-wife of Prince Andrew, clandestinely met with the late financier Jeffrey Epstein during his house arrest in 2010, as per Epstein's confidential calendars from that period, which recently surfaced.

Epstein, who faced scandal and subsequent death in August 2019, was then serving a house arrest sentence, following his admission to soliciting a minor for prostitution. He was still five months away from the end of his house arrest period which began in July 2009, after his release from a 13-month imprisonment.

The evidence of Fergie's and Andrew's presence at Epstein's New York residence in February and March 2010 were seen in photographs captured by Epstein's chauffeur and domestic help. Epstein was reportedly willing to make time for the Duchess, telling his assistant: "Duchess anytime."

Further incriminating documents also indicated that Epstein met Ferguson in April 1998 at Nassau airport in the Bahamas, as per flight logs from his private plane.

Prince Andrew's association with Epstein came under public scrutiny during his 2019 interview with Newsnight's Emily Maitlis. Reflecting on their relationship, Andrew expressed his regret over the 2010 visit to Epstein, calling it a "wrong decision". Despite the palpable damage the association had done to his royal standing, Andrew emphasized the benefits he had gained from their friendship in areas unrelated to the scandal.

Regarding Epstein, he commented, "On balance, could I have avoided ever meeting him? Probably not... Do I regret the fact that he has quite obviously conducted himself in a manner unbecoming? Yes," attributing their inevitable encounter to his relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell.

In spite of their divorce in 1992 and the numerous controversies surrounding Prince Andrew, Ferguson's sentiments towards her ex-husband remained warm, as previously reported by OK! She recently lauded Andrew as a "kind, good man" and urged the spotlight to be taken off him so he can rebuild his life.

The revealing documents were first reported on by Daily Mail.