Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, has been reportedly seen at various Los Angeles social events without Prince Harry by her side, according to assertions from a British journalist.

As gossip regarding potential issues in the couple's marriage persist, Petronella Wyatt, a society reporter, insinuated in a May tweet that Markle has been frequently venturing out to party while leaving Prince Harry behind at their Montecito, California, residence.

Wyatt, said to be an acquaintance of Queen Camilla, claimed, "Meghan is often encountered at parties by friends of mine living near Harry and Meghan. Curiously, Harry is often absent from these outings."

The veracity of these assertions has not been independently corroborated by the International Business Times. Representatives for the Sussexes have yet to comment publicly on the tweet.

The Duchess hasn't been seen publicly since she and Prince Harry appeared at the Women of Vision Awards in New York City last month, where she was honored. After the event, a representative for the couple reported a near-miss with the paparazzi.

Concurrently, Hollywood commentator Tim Dillon has insinuated that Markle is on a mission to establish close relationships with celebrities, as per The Sun.

Dillon stated, "Their desire to mingle with celebrities is unceasing. I recently found myself at a party discussing them. She was texting my companion at that moment. They are relentless, these two."

He further suggested that they resemble "second-rate reality stars attempting to gain popularity." Dillon revealed that he had seen texts from Markle inviting people to socialize, allegedly in a bid to enhance her standing.

However, according to Dillon, Markle's stratagem "isn't taking off," with most onlookers finding amusement in the situation.

"I admire the effort. I comprehend their objective," he said humorously, before alleging, "Many at the party admitted to responding to her because of her title, but they've had enough."

Rumors regarding turmoil in the Sussexes' marriage have been rife since they didn't publicly commemorate their five-year wedding anniversary, and The Sun reported about Prince Harry occasionally staying at a luxury hotel without Markle.

Prince Harry's representative immediately dismissed these rumors, stating to Page Six: "This is false."

Nevertheless, several royal observers, including Prince Harry's biographer Angela Levin and Princess Diana's ex-butler Paul Burrell, have hinted at potential cracks in the couple's relationship.

Levin pointed to Markle's noticeable absence when Prince Harry was promoting his contentious book, "Spare," as a potential red flag. On GB News, she stated, "She seems to be distancing herself from him. When he truly needed her support, she was absent. He's dealing with mental health concerns, and anyone in his position would need support. She, however, is absent. He's taking on the hard stuff while she forges ahead. I fear this is a sign of the end for him."