The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, continue to send waves of anxiety through the royal household. The new documentary "Harry & Meghan: Is America Turning Against Them?" examines the couple's American lifestyle and the shifting perspective of US citizens towards them.

Tom Quinn, a renowned author, revealed the concerns of the royal clan about the Sussex couple's actions in the documentary. "The fact that they are dealing with an unpredictable factor, someone who was once dear to William, has caused a great deal of distress to the royal family," the biographer observed.

Quinn further hypothesized that Meghan Markle appears to be on a determined campaign to dismantle the royal institution. He stated, "[Harry] is now wedded to a woman who appears to be prodding him towards the path of royal annihilation."

While the Sussexes have unleashed a series of criticisms against the monarchy through various platforms, the royal family has maintained a studied silence. "In line with their longstanding tradition, the royal family's stance is to offer no comment beyond statements like 'recollections may vary' regarding these unfolding events," Quinn commented.

The commentator later scrutinized Harry's whirlwind 28-hour trip to the UK for King Charles' coronation. Quinn noted, "His fleeting presence gave off an air of resentment. It seemed as if he was saying, 'I'm here only due to obligation as the King's son, but I can't wait to depart."

While Quinn expressed disapproval of the Sussexes' conduct, insider sources conceded that the founders of Archewell Foundation are apprehensive about their dwindling approval among Americans. Prior reports revealed that the couple's declining popularity was a sore point for them.

A close source confided to Radar, "They are embroiled in controversy and subjected to criticism, which is causing Harry a lot of stress. The fact that even Americans are now criticizing them is very troubling. Harry only desires perfection."

An incident in May, where the Sussex couple along with Doria Ragland were involved in a car chase, attracted critical remarks from celebrities such as Megyn Kelly and Whoopi Goldberg. This brought unwelcome negative publicity. "Their account of the car chase was not blown out of proportion in any way. The suggestion to the contrary is both deeply hurtful and inappropriate," an insider reported to a media outlet.