As the WWDC 2023 keynote address draws near, more and more "leaks" about the new hardware - Apple's upcoming MR headset - are emerging.

First, Bloomberg Tech reporter Mark German reported that Apple plans to offer some developers and attendees the chance to try out the new headset.

The report states that Apple has built a new "structure" within Apple Park for providing a controlled on-site experience with the headset. During the event, Apple will invite media and some developers to try on the headset on-site, and this area will be used throughout the summer for live demonstrations of the headset.

If the on-site experience is similar to previous events, developers and media representatives will be able to try the headset immediately after the keynote speech, with Apple employees providing brief controlled demonstrations.

The live demonstrations will showcase Apple's FaceTime VR, Apple TV+ content, and gaming features, but for users with specific conditions like migraines, vertigo, post-concussion syndrome, and past brain injuries, Apple will advise them not to use the headset.

In addition to on-site trials, there's also plenty of speculation regarding the headset's appearance, capacity, production, and release date.

Concerning appearance and capacity, @billbil_kun posted an article on French media site Dealabs, claiming the Apple headset will come in black, blue, gray, green, pink, and a sixth unrevealed color. Additionally, there will be two storage options: 128GB and 256GB.

However, tech media outlet MacRumors is skeptical about these predictions. Firstly, having six colors and two storage capacities would generate at least 12 SKUs, which would be quite costly for a headset priced at $3,000.

Secondly, the price difference between the 128GB and 256GB storage options isn't substantial.

Thirdly, while @billbil_kun has accurately leaked specifications for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone in the past, he doesn't have a substantial track record for Apple-related leaks.

Hence, MacRumors suggests that the six colors could refer to interchangeable parts of the headset, similar to the ear cushions on the AirPods Max.

Concerning production and launch dates, Morgan Stanley indicated that Apple's first headset would enter production in October and hit the market in December.

Apple analyst at Morgan Stanley, Erik Woodring, stated:

While we anticipate the Apple headset will be announced next week, based on supply chain information we've gathered, mass production won't start until October 23. A general market launch is likely before the December holidays.

Woodring mentioned that information gathered from supply chain channels indicates that Apple's headset stock for this year will be between 300,000 and 500,000 units.