High-profile royal experts have cast doubt over Prince Harry's impending legal battle against the Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN), suggesting the Duke of Sussex could be set up for a difficult court fight.

Renowned socialite and commentator Lady Colin Campbell teamed up with respected British journalist Phil Dampier on an episode of "GB News" hosted by Dan Wootton. The host expressed his skepticism about Harry's chances of winning the lawsuit against MGN due to perceived insufficient evidence.

Wootton acknowledged Campbell's own contentious history with MGN and speculated on the prospect of Prince Harry's victory. He suggested the absence of concrete evidence might leave Harry's case wanting.

Lady Campbell predicted a largely unfavorable outcome for Prince Harry, depending on how Justice Fancourt interprets the law. She opined, "Harry might well win some," if the judge were to favor Harry's political inclinations, "but the likelihood of winning substantially is very remote."

She further elaborated that Harry's battle is more than a simple defamation case. The author of "Meghan and Harry" contended that the Prince is "using things that have happened to him to try to shut down the press and to try to erode freedom of speech in this country."

Even in defeat, Lady Campbell conjectured that Prince Harry can still shape his narrative as a defender against a supposedly "malignant" press. She countered that the press has not been unjustly harsh towards Prince Harry.

Discussing her own legal experience with the Mirror, Campbell revealed a recent settlement with the publishing company. Given the Mirror's decision to challenge Prince Harry's lawsuit, she reasoned that they are confident in their chances of victory.

Dampier echoed Campbell's sentiments, suggesting that Prince Harry's success in court is far from guaranteed. However, he also noted that it could be weeks or even months before the case is resolved.

He also speculated on the potential repercussions for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex if they were to lose the case. Dampier suggested that mounting legal fees from unsuccessful lawsuits could prompt the couple to reconsider their litigious approach towards the media.

This analysis comes as Prince Harry recently testified against MGN, accusing the media group of unlawful data collection in a series of articles about him. His testimony included assertions that media intrusion contributed to the breakdown of his relationship with ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

At this stage, the Business Times cannot confirm these expert predictions independently.

(Note: These predictions should not be construed as legal advice or an accurate forecast of the outcome of the trial.)