Prince William might have grappled with extreme discomfort in private as he anticipated Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's revealing interview with Oprah Winfrey, according to one royal insider.

The latest episode of the "Royally Us" podcast, hosted by Us Weekly's Christina Garibaldi and royal commentator Christine Ross, shed light on previous assertions made by Charlotte Griffiths, Mail on Sunday's editor-at-large. She claimed on GB News that Prince William allegedly secluded himself from public life before Harry and Meghan's impactful interview in March 2021. This claim couldn't be independently confirmed by Business Times.

Garibaldi questioned the idea of the Duke of Cambridge deliberately distancing himself from others in the run-up to the interview, stating, "I can understand him being anxious about the content of the interview, but the idea of him withdrawing entirely seems doubtful."

Ross opined that Prince William might have been undergoing "behind-the-scenes stress" during this period. The conversation with Oprah, marking the Sussexes' first comprehensive public engagement after they stepped back from their royal duties and relocated to California in 2020, had already drawn significant global attention.

Ross hypothesized, "He might have chosen to disconnect from a specific group of people who then went on to provide Griffiths with her insights. Stress was surely brewing behind closed doors."

She further added, "The uncertainties surrounding what they might reveal were palpable. Now, their continued exposure, via Netflix and book deals, has made such revelations less startling. However, at that time, the shock was real. Prince William, known for his fiery temperament, must have been simmering with suppressed anger."

Griffiths, during her appearance on GB News, was asked by host Dan Wootton about Prince William's state during that period. Wootton suggested that despite his future king status, Prince William was not immune to vulnerability. However, his experiences were largely overlooked at the time.

Griffiths made startling revelations, stating, "From various sources, I've repeatedly heard that Prince William was acutely distressed before the Oprah interview. He was barely eating, and while not reclusive, he was certainly in hiding."

She added, "He retreated to a royal residence for a while to escape public scrutiny. He was simply falling apart."

Griffiths further claimed that Kate Middleton, Prince William's wife, took a proactive stance to support her husband during this challenging phase. She said, "Kate took it upon herself to stand by her man. She was determined to shield him from this crushing situation, which probably led to her developing a tougher exterior, despite her known shyness. She didn't hesitate to step in and defend her husband."