The popular K-pop group FIFTY FIFTY and their management company ATTRAKT failed to come to an agreement over their exclusive contract dispute. However, the court has recommended further discussions between both parties.

On August 9th, the Seoul Central District Court, Civil Agreement Division 50 (Chief Judge Park Beom-seok) held a mediation hearing regarding the injunction filed by FIFTY FIFTY members against ATTRAKT to suspend the effect of their exclusive contract.

The closed-door mediation session was attended by members Sae-na and Aran's mother, ATTRAKT management, and legal representatives from both sides. Despite over two hours of negotiations, the parties were unable to narrow down their differences, resulting in no agreement. The court has recommended that both parties maintain the possibility of an agreement and suggested they meet individually by the 16th to seek a resolution.

Mediation is a process to solve a lawsuit through mutual understanding and agreement when both parties can find common ground. If no agreement is reached, the trial will resume.

Having debuted last November, the four-member girl group FIFTY FIFTY gained significant attention with their debut song "CUPID", entering the U.S. Billboard Main Singles Chart "Hot 100". This accomplishment had them dubbed as the "Miracle of a Small-Scale Group". However, on June 19th, members of FIFTY FIFTY claimed violations by ATTRAKT, including omission of profit items, failing to provide accurate financial data, neglecting physical and mental health of the members, and lack of support. As a result, they filed an application to suspend the effect of their exclusive contract.

In contrast, ATTRAKT has refuted these claims, asserting that the transaction structure had been agreed upon with FIFTY FIFTY and that there were no intentional omissions in revenue.