In the ever-evolving K-pop landscape, where artists are continually pushing boundaries, NCT U's recent album release has stirred a significant buzz, not just for its musical content but for a surprising revelation about one of its tracks.

NCT U, known for their innovative approach to music, recently unveiled their latest album, "Golden Age - The 4th Album." While the title track "Baggy Jeans" has been garnering attention, it's another song from the album, "That's Not Fair," that has become the talk of the town. Fans who acquired the physical copy of the album and delved into the credits made a startling discovery. The song "That's Not Fair" was originally titled "That's My B*tch."

This revelation has left many fans and industry observers astounded. The original title's explicit nature contrasts with the more sanitized titles typically associated with K-pop tracks. The disclosure has inevitably changed the perception of the song, with fans now hearing it in a new light, pondering the implications of the original title and the story behind its eventual change.


The boldness of even considering such a title has ignited discussions across the K-pop community. Comments from netizens have ranged from admiration for the song's quality to surprise over the original title. Some remarks include:

  • "That's Not Fair is seriously fantastic; let's have a genuine discussion about it."
  • "It's always NCT pushing boundaries!"
  • "Why am I not surprised?"
  • "Should've kept the original title; it fits the beat."

While the exact reasons behind the title change remain undisclosed, the incident underscores NCT U's willingness to challenge conventions and perhaps even court controversy. Their trajectory, as evidenced by this album, suggests a group unafraid to experiment and redefine the boundaries of K-pop.

In related news, Lucas, a former member of NCT and WayV, has been facing online scrutiny related to NCT U's title track, "Baggy Jeans." The specifics of the criticism remain a topic of discussion among fans.

As the K-pop industry continues to grow and evolve, groups like NCT U are at the forefront, pushing the envelope and prompting discussions about the genre's future direction. Whether it's through their music, their titles, or their overall approach, NCT U remains a group to watch, always ready to surprise and challenge the status quo.