The glitz and glamour of the K-pop industry often overshadow the immense pressures and challenges that artists face behind the scenes. LOOSSEMBLE's YeoJin and Vivi recently shed light on their harrowing experiences during their early days in the music industry, revealing the extreme dieting measures they were subjected to.

In a candid conversation during a live broadcast, YeoJin recounted an incident where the management team conducted a surprise check at their dormitory. "Do you remember that one time, unnie? When we were all on a strict diet, they came to our dorm and confiscated everything in the fridge," YeoJin asked Vivi, evoking memories of the stringent controls they were under.

Vivi further detailed the severity of the situation, describing how even old receipts for food items would lead to intense scrutiny. "Well, that's when hell begins. Someone will shout, 'Everyone, come out at once!'. They confiscated everything. Our wallets, too. All the food in the refrigerator. Even condiments like salt and sugar. Even vitamin supplements and ginseng extract," Vivi shared.

The revelations painted a grim picture of the dietary restrictions imposed on them. Vivi disclosed, "All we could eat in a day was two eggs and half an apple." Such revelations underscore the immense pressures K-pop idols face to maintain a certain image, often at the expense of their health and well-being.

In brighter news, LOOSSEMBLE, formerly known as LOONA, is gearing up for a significant U.S. tour. The tour, titled "Loona Assemble: the U.S. Debut Ceremony," is set to cover 10 major cities across the United States, including New York, Reading, Washington, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Fort Worth, Denver, Los Angeles, and Oakland. The announcement has been met with immense excitement from fans, with tickets for the tour selling out rapidly.

This U.S. tour signifies a pivotal moment for LOOSSEMBLE as they continue to broaden their global reach and connect with fans worldwide. Despite the challenges they've faced, the group's resilience and commitment to their craft are evident in their continued success and growth.

As the K-pop industry continues to evolve, it's essential to recognize the sacrifices and challenges that artists face behind the scenes. LOOSSEMBLE's candid revelations serve as a reminder of the need for a more compassionate and understanding approach to the well-being of K-pop idols.