BTS's Jin has showcased his prowess as a top solo artist in the US with his soaring popularity. On September 2 (KST), Jin's debut solo single "The Astronaut" clinched the top spot on the US Amazon Music Digital Song Bestseller chart. Remarkably, the song, released on October 28th of the previous year, continues to receive immense love nearly ten months after its release. Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce platform.

Over the past 24 hours, "The Astronaut" also secured the 10th position in the 'Movers & Shakers' category, indicating its robust popularity.

Recognized by the Korea Music Content Association (KMCA) as the first solo single to achieve million-seller status, "The Astronaut" quickly sold out its physical album on the US retail giant Target's online site during its pre-order phase on October 19th (KST). Following the initial sellout, a second batch also quickly ran out, further proving Jin's immense global appeal.

In Amazon's 'Movers & Shakers' category for CDs & Vinyl based on the past 24 hours' sales, two versions of Jin's physical album secured the 1st and 2nd positions. Additionally, it topped the bestseller list in the K-pop category.

In Japan's 'Universal Music Store', both the individual and set versions of the album sold out during the first pre-order phase and proceeded to a second pre-order phase. On the global K-pop platform Ktown4u, Jin's album dominated with overwhelming sales, ranking first, and also topped the popular search terms, highlighting Jin's unparalleled influence.

Jin's "The Astronaut" debuted at 51st on the US Billboard Hot 100 amidst fierce competition, including new releases from Taylor Swift and Rihanna. It immediately topped the Billboard 'Digital Song Sales Chart' and 'World Digital Song Sales Chart'. In 2022, "The Astronaut" was the first Korean solo song to receive a gold certification from Japan's RIA. On Billboard Japan's 'Hot 100', it achieved the highest ranking for a Korean solo song in a decade, placing 4th. It was also the only Korean song to rank 49th on Billboard Japan's year-end 'Top Single Sales' chart after just a month of its release. The song has been sweeping charts worldwide.

On August 26th, "The Astronaut" music video achieved a record by ranking 1st for 17 consecutive days in the 'Global YouTube Top Music Videos' category, surpassing Jin's previous record with "Super Tuna" which held the top spot for 16 days.

Meanwhile, on September 3rd, Jin ranked 9th in the 'Most Influential Music Influencers in the US' list released by influencer marketing platform HypeAuditor, continuing his streak as the top male influencer from Asia. Amidst a top 10 dominated by top US female artists like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, Jin has consistently held the top position for Asian males for 27 consecutive days since August 8th. Globally among males, he ranked 2nd, just behind Justin Bieber.

Jin has previously held the top spot for Asian males for 202 consecutive days in the 'Top 1000 Most Influential Influencers in the US' ranking. In June, he also secured the top position globally among male influencers in the 'Most Influential Music Influencers in the US' ranking.

Jin continues to enjoy unparalleled popularity in the world's largest music markets, including the US and Japan. Even after his military enlistment in December of the previous year, he remains a beloved figure worldwide.