BTS's V took a moment to reflect on the challenging year of 2018.

On the 11th, episode 18 of 'Shuga's Tea Time' featuring BTS member V was released on BTS's YouTube channel 'Bangtan TV'.

Congratulating V on the release of his first solo album 'Layover' on the 8th, Suga remarked, "I know you've been preparing for this album for 2-3 years. You've worked hard."

V's album was produced by Adore's representative, Min Hee-jin. V expressed, "The atmosphere was better than I expected. It was a new endeavor for me." Being the last BTS member to release a solo album, V candidly shared, "It feels quite burdensome."

After listening to V's title track 'Slow Dancing', Suga commented, "You've worked on a style that's easy to listen to," to which V explained, "The entire album has this style. There aren't any songs that are too forceful or intense. It's a song that captures my, Kim Taehyung's, emotions more than a typical BTS song."

Both V and Suga acknowledged the distinct musical colors of all seven BTS members, stating, "Each of us has a unique color, and when the seven of us come together, it forms BTS. We believe we were fortunate to meet each other." Suga added, "I can't imagine what the outcome will be when we all come together after our solo activities. It's so diverse." V expressed his anticipation, "Sometimes I imagine how amazing it would be during group concerts when it's time for individual stages. The setlist would be incredible."

With BTS members sequentially serving in the military, they hope to resume full group activities in 2025. Suga expressed, "I'm really looking forward to seeing what colors the seven of us will bring when we reunite," and V recalled J-Hope once saying, "We might need to disperse to truly understand and refine the distinct color of BTS when we come together."

V's recollection of the challenging year 2018 drew significant attention. He confessed, "During the 'FAKE LOVE' promotions, it was the hardest time of my life. People didn't realize how hard it was for us." Suga added, "It felt like everyone was going crazy back then. We were all struggling. We always gave our best and worked hard, but there were moments when we felt burnt out."

V, who felt particularly exhausted at the time, shared, "I compared myself to the other members. I felt I was slower, different, and wondered if that made things harder for me. When I performed and saw the members beside me, they seemed so joyful, skilled, and perfect. I felt out of place, which intensified my burnout."

Suga mentioned, "Given our achievements and the situation, we should have been happy. We had notable successes," but V added, "But deep down, we felt, 'What's the point of these achievements? Why do we have to hurt ourselves for these results?' We were physically and mentally exhausted."

V even confessed, "It was really hard. I wanted to take a day off and do nothing. I was filled with negative thoughts. I kept thinking of ways to rest, and eventually, I thought, 'Maybe I should get injured.' But now, I wish I could change how I felt back then."

Suga also shared, "If we had to go through such a hectic and sleep-deprived schedule again, I don't think I could endure it. It was a matter of life and death. It wasn't easy as a human being. There was no guarantee that enduring all this would lead to a good outcome, which made it even harder."