In a candid conversation on Suga's talk show "Suchwita," BTS members Suga and V delved deep into the band's history, particularly highlighting the challenges faced during the "FAKE LOVE" era in 2018. The revelations made during the show offer a rare glimpse into the emotional and mental toll that global stardom can exact on artists, even those as renowned as BTS.

The 30-year-old rapper Suga, in conversation with V, the 27-year-old "Love Me Again" hitmaker, reminisced about the year 2018, which they both described as one of the most challenging periods in their careers. "When I think of Taehyung, the year 2018 comes to mind so much, during our 'FAKE LOVE' promotions," Suga remarked. V echoed the sentiment, stating, "It was the toughest time of my life."

A significant moment from that year was highlighted during the show: a clip from an awards ceremony where Jin, another BTS member, revealed that the group had considered disbanding. The emotional weight of that revelation was palpable, with V visibly moved during the event.

Suga reflected on the period, noting that while the band was achieving significant milestones, including appearances on the Billboard charts and the American Music Awards, the exhaustion of their rigorous schedules often overshadowed these achievements. V shared his personal struggles, revealing that he often compared himself to other members and felt burned out, questioning why he felt so differently from his peers.

One of the most poignant moments of the conversation centered around the song "Outro: Tear." While many fans interpreted the track as a song about a romantic breakup, Suga revealed its deeper meaning. The song was a message to the BTS members during a time when they felt like giving up. Suga shared, "As we worked on the 'Love Yourself: Answer' album, we were talking about the contract renewal. Then as Namjoon, J-Hope and I were writing 'Tear,' we sent a long text saying, 'Love you guys to you and Jungkook.'"

This message, according to V, was a turning point. It provided the motivation he and Jungkook needed to continue and adopt a more positive outlook. The conversation concluded with both Suga and V expressing gratitude for the challenges they faced, recognizing that those experiences shaped them into the artists they are today.

The candid discussion between Suga and V underscores the importance of mental well-being, even for global superstars. It serves as a reminder that success, no matter how dazzling, comes with its own set of challenges.