In a move that sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, shares of K-pop agency YG Entertainment plummeted nearly 9% on Friday. The sharp decline came on the heels of reports from South Korean media that Lisa, a prominent member of the globally acclaimed K-pop group BLACKPINK, has turned down a contract renewal offer from the agency.

The reported contract, said to be worth 50 billion South Korean won (approximately $37.6 million), was allegedly rejected twice by the Thailand-born artist. This significant financial figure underscores the immense value and influence Lisa holds within the K-pop world and YG Entertainment's roster.

YG Entertainment, in response to the swirling rumors, stated that discussions regarding Lisa's contract renewal are still ongoing. A spokesperson for the company emphasized that the rumors have not been officially confirmed. However, the market's reaction underscores the weight of such speculations and the potential implications for YG Entertainment's future.

Earlier in July, there were reports suggesting that Lisa had been facing challenges in reaching an agreement over her contract extension with YG. While the company confirmed that discussions were in progress, some reports indicated a considerable disparity between the expectations of the two parties.

BLACKPINK, comprising members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, stands as one of YG Entertainment's crown jewels. Their global appeal is evident from their recent "Born Pink" world tour, touted as the most extensive world tour ever by a K-pop girl group. The tour reportedly drew an audience of around 1.5 million across 41 cities since its commencement in October 2022. The tour is set to conclude with final performances on September 16 and 17 in Seoul.

The group, which made its debut under YG Entertainment in August 2016, typically operates under a seven-year contract, implying that BLACKPINK's contract would have been due for renewal this August. However, YG has not provided any official confirmation regarding contract renewals for any of the group members.

Adding to the narrative, an anonymous Chinese agency had previously claimed that they faced scheduling challenges for Lisa's appearance on a show due to uncertainties surrounding her contract renewal with YG. YG Entertainment clarified that the difficulties arose from BLACKPINK's ongoing tour and Lisa's individual commitments. They emphasized that contract renewal discussions were still underway.

Despite YG's attempts to quell the rumors, speculations persisted, suggesting that Lisa had received lucrative contract offers from other agencies, leading her to decline YG Entertainment's proposal.

The unfolding situation underscores the significant influence and market value of top-tier K-pop artists and the potential ramifications for entertainment companies should they fail to secure their talents. As fans and investors alike await further developments, the future trajectory of YG Entertainment and BLACKPINK remains a topic of keen interest in the entertainment world.