In a candid revelation on the "Cultwo Show," acclaimed singer Dawn delved deep into the emotional aftermath of his breakup with fellow artist HyunA, shedding light on the profound influence it had on his upcoming EP, "Narcissus," set to release on the 15th.

Dawn's forthcoming EP predominantly features love songs, a testament to the intertwining of his personal experiences with his artistry. He spoke eloquently about the intricate relationship between love and personal growth, touching upon the euphoric peaks of romance and the subsequent emotional turbulence that ensues post-breakup.

"When I'm deeply in love, I tend to perceive the other person as an extension of myself, almost like an integral part of who I am," Dawn revealed, emphasizing the profound connection he feels in relationships. Such deep emotional involvement means that the end of a relationship feels like losing a part of himself, rather than merely parting from another individual.

Dawn's relationship with HyunA, which spanned six years and was in the public eye, concluded in November of the previous year. However, what sets their post-breakup narrative apart from others is the consistent respect and warmth they continue to display for one another. Despite their separation, both artists have publicly reminisced about their shared past with fondness and gratitude.

In a touching gesture earlier in April, Dawn appeared on a YouTube channel, expressing his feelings about their relationship. "Whether I reunite with HyunA or choose different paths, that's no longer a central concern for me. My love for HyunA remains unwavering," he stated, showcasing his maturity and the depth of their bond. HyunA reciprocated these sentiments in her own YouTube video, reflecting on their past with contentment and no regrets.

Dawn's forthcoming EP, with its central theme of love, offers a poignant insight into his personal journey and artistic evolution. His willingness to share his feelings about his breakup with HyunA, especially in the context of his new music, underscores the resilience and maturity that can emerge when navigating intricate emotions, particularly under the scrutiny of the public eye. It also accentuates the enduring impact of love on an individual's identity and creative expression.

As the music industry and fans alike await the release of "Narcissus," Dawn's revelations serve as a reminder of the transformative power of love and the beauty that can arise from pain and introspection.