The K-pop world was abuzz with the news of Rowoon's departure from the popular boy group, SF9. The announcement, made by FNC Entertainment, stated that while Rowoon had renewed his contract with the label, he would no longer be a part of SF9. The group will continue its journey as an eight-member ensemble, with Rowoon focusing on his acting career and other personal endeavors.

The news was met with a flurry of reactions from fans and netizens alike. Many expressed their disappointment, while others acknowledged and respected the actor's decision. Some even criticized FNC Entertainment for their attempt to articulate the idol's exit in a polished manner. Comments ranged from questioning the clarity of the statement to empathizing with the challenges Rowoon might have faced leading up to this decision.

The online community had a mixed bag of emotions. One netizen commented, "It's always sad to see a member leave, but I respect Rowoon's decision. He's an incredible actor, and I can't wait to see what he does next." Another added, "Why do companies always make these announcements so vague? Just tell us the real reason!"

There were also those who speculated about internal group dynamics, with one user stating, "I always felt Rowoon was more inclined towards acting. Maybe he felt stifled in the group." However, many rallied behind the idol, emphasizing his dedication over the years. "Rowoon gave his all to SF9. It's only fair he gets to choose his path now," a fan remarked.

In the midst of these reactions, Rowoon took to his fansite to share a handwritten letter, providing a personal touch to the unfolding narrative. He began the letter with a candid admission, "Hello, this is Rowoon. I've been carefully choosing my words. This is a bit scary because it has been a while since I've greeted you here."

Rowoon's letter delved deep into his feelings, revealing the internal struggles he faced over the years. He acknowledged the misunderstandings that arose during his time with SF9 and expressed his commitment to his work despite the challenges. "There were some frustrations due to not being able to explain every misunderstanding. But I felt the truth would reach (fans), and I've spent my days focusing on what (work) I had to do," he wrote.

The idol also touched upon his perceived nonchalance, apologizing to fans who might have felt hurt by his demeanor. He attributed any perceived change in his attitude to his attempts at masking his true feelings, which might have inadvertently disappointed fans.

Reflecting on his seven-year journey with SF9, Rowoon expressed profound gratitude for the memories and experiences. "Looking back at my life while writing this, I only have gratitude. This is also thanks to you," he shared. As he embarks on a new chapter at the age of 27, Rowoon seeks to challenge himself further and hopes for continued support from fans. He concluded his letter with a heartfelt plea, "Please look out for me so that I can live a life that a 27-year-old Kim Seok Woo can be accountable for."

Rowoon's departure marks a significant moment in SF9's history, and as the group moves forward, fans worldwide will undoubtedly continue to support both SF9 and Rowoon in their respective journeys.