The health of K-pop idols is sounding alarm bells. ITZY's Lia recently announced a hiatus due to extreme anxiety and tension, leaving fans heartbroken with the increasing news of idols taking breaks.

ITZY's Lia has declared a temporary halt to her activities. On the 18th, her agency, JYP Entertainment, stated, "Lia has been experiencing extreme tension and anxiety regarding her schedule. After consultations and medical check-ups, it was advised by medical professionals that she needs rest and treatment."

The agency continued, "Prioritizing our artist's health, after careful discussions with the members, we've decided that Lia will not participate in any upcoming schedules for the time being and will focus on her treatment and recovery. The decision on when Lia will resume her activities will be made after thorough discussions between Lia and the members. We sincerely apologize for causing concern to the fans."

Lia expressed her feelings in a handwritten letter, saying, "It feels like we've been through so much. Among those times, there were memories and happy moments we shared. Those times were precious, but I realized I was losing myself while running through them." She added, "As I always say, I genuinely wish our fans to be happy. I promise to return in good health to repay the patience and concern you've shown."

Before Lia, many idols have taken breaks due to health concerns, causing sadness among fans.

Recently, Billie's Moon Sua announced her second hiatus. Having taken her first break due to the passing of her older brother, ASTRO's Moonbin, Moon Sua halted her activities again just two months after her return. Her representatives said, "It was decided she needs ample rest and stability for the time being. We ask for the fans' understanding."

Billie's Suhyun is also on a break. Regarding Suhyun, the agency stated, "Based on the opinion of specialists that she needs rest, she has temporarily halted her activities. We will do our best for Suhyun's treatment and speedy recovery."

News of idols taking breaks due to injuries is also on the rise. ATEEZ's Jongho stopped his activities after being diagnosed with a torn meniscus following an ankle injury. His agency said, "Despite his strong will to focus on pain relief and regenerative treatments, he experienced severe pain after an event and immediately halted his schedule to return home for a thorough examination and treatment."

NCT's Taeil reported his absence from activities due to injuries from a motorcycle accident. SM Entertainment explained, "While riding his motorcycle home, he was involved in a traffic accident and was immediately taken to the hospital. He was diagnosed with a fractured right femur and needs surgery. He will be focusing on treatment and recovery for the foreseeable future."

SEVENTEEN's S.Coups is also taking a break due to a torn ACL. His agency reported, "During a sports shoot for content creation, he injured his left knee while landing. He was diagnosed with a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee and needs treatment and surgery."

With idols expressing physical and mental pain, there's a growing need for more meticulous care from their agencies. While the immediate future may seem bleak, it's essential to view this time as necessary for their long-term health and well-being. It's a time for mutual support and encouragement.