BTS's Jin has showcased his formidable musical prowess with his self-composed track 'Abyss', achieving a dazzling record on Spotify, the world's largest music platform, with 32 million streams.

Jin's 'Abyss' is a heartfelt track that features a lyrical melody and a clear voice, candidly expressing his emotions. The song captures Jin's genuine feelings during a time he experienced burnout. Upon the song's release, Jin shared the reason behind its creation on his blog. He stated, "I recently experienced a significant burnout. I think it was because I had many thoughts about myself." After achieving the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, he confessed, "I wondered if I deserved such an accolade. As I delved deeper into these thoughts, I felt overwhelmed and wanted to let everything go." His candid sentiments provided immense comfort and healing to many who found themselves in similar situations.

Initially available only on SoundCloud and YouTube, 'Abyss', along with Jin's other solo tracks 'Tonight' and 'Super Tuna', was officially released on all streaming platforms last October. Upon release, Jin's three solo tracks dominated iTunes charts worldwide, showcasing his undeniable musical influence. Notably, 'Abyss' secured the #1 spot on the iTunes 'Top Songs' chart in 17 countries, including Indonesia, Chile, the Netherlands, Estonia, and Trinidad and Tobago. It also ranked high on the 'Worldwide Chart', 'iTunes US Chart', and 'iTunes Europe Chart', proving its global popularity.

Jin's innate artistic talent, his soft silver-toned voice, and his ability to convey poignant and melodious lyrics have garnered praise from various media outlets and listeners. India's 'The Score Magazine' lauded him, stating, "In 'Abyss', Jin effectively utilized his natural tenor voice with stable breath control and impressive falsetto. The acoustic soundscape and piano harmonized perfectly with Jin's compelling soft voice. 'Abyss' seeks comfort and healing through its raw and vulnerable portrayal."

American media outlet Elite Daily, which once praised Jin's voice as "heavenly vocals," commented, "Jin's solo tracks are influential in many ways. His intimate lyrics tug at the heartstrings of ARMYs, and his moving vocals not only resonate with ARMYs but also imprint on music fans that he is a top performer."

Entertainment Weekly also extolled Jin's inherent musical talent in 'Abyss'. Teen Vogue, a renowned U.S. teen magazine, selected 'Abyss' as one of the best K-pop moments of 2020, sending waves of positive feedback and praise. Without any promotions upon its release, Jin's unique deep voice, stable high notes, and smooth transitions between soft and deep tones in 'Abyss' have consistently garnered love and admiration.

Despite his military service, Jin continues to prove his unwavering global popularity and immense influence. Expectations are high for his diverse activities as a solo artist after his military discharge.