S.E.S.'s Bada has penned a heartfelt message amidst confessions of discord with fellow member Shoo. The singer's post has garnered attention as netizens have shown mixed reactions.

On September 19th, Bada shared lyrics from S.E.S.'s 2002 song 'Letter' on her social media, accompanied by a group photo of S.E.S. She wrote, "In this cold world, the friendship that was more precious than the love we once erased remains in my heart like the first snow, falling under a cloudy sky. I relied on you a lot back then. Your warm smile, like the candles filling my room, embraced and comforted me silently. Oh my friend. I won't let you go, you know that. Remember that my soul's home is built in your heart. Until the day I live in your heart, I hope you only look at our beauty."

Additionally, through hashtags, Bada added, "Sooyoung (Shoo's real name), I'm sorry for my shortcomings. I'll always wait for you. Forever S.E.S."

Recently, during a live stream on her social media, Bada candidly confessed about the strained relationship with Shoo after she criticized Shoo's attire during a workout session, suggesting it was inappropriate.

Shoo, whose real name is Yoo Sooyoung, had previously faced legal issues. From August 2016 to May 2018, she was on trial for habitual gambling overseas, amounting to around 700 million won. In 2019, she received a six-month prison sentence with a two-year probation. Subsequently, she faced controversies over unpaid loans and rent. After a period of reflection, she recently began working as a broadcasting jockey (BJ).

As a BJ, Shoo faced criticism for wearing revealing outfits on air and dancing in exchange for donations. It appears that the conflict between the two singers stemmed from Shoo's activities. Bada expressed, "After what happened (with the drug incident), I explained to Shoo why she shouldn't wear tank tops right away. I was worried people might think she hasn't recovered mentally. She probably didn't like me nagging her."

Bada continued, "Shoo, you need to get a grip. We had no choice but to scold you. Look around and see if there are people who genuinely care for you. It's not just about 'I don't do it anymore.' It's about how you plan to live your life from now on." She added, "The reason I can't answer calls or texts right now is that I don't want to scold or hurt you," visibly tearing up.

Given this backdrop, Bada's recent 'Letter' to Shoo has drawn attention. Some believe Bada's concerns stem from genuine care for Shoo as both a group member and a younger sister. However, others argue that Bada's continuous public remarks might exacerbate Shoo's current situation, suggesting that a private conversation might have been more appropriate.