In a remarkable testament to the global reach of Filipino pop music, SB19's hit track "Gento" has made its mark on China's Shazam chart, ranking among the platform's "most Shazamed" tracks. This surge in popularity underscores the group's expanding influence beyond the Philippines and into the broader Asian music market.

Released in May, ahead of their "PAGTATAG!" EP in June, "Gento" has not only been a sensation in the Philippines but has also resonated with international audiences. As of the latest data, the song secured a spot in Shazam's Top 200 Songs Daily chart in China, peaking at No. 194 and later charting at No. 197. The track has accumulated a commendable 74,836 Shazams on the Chinese music platform.

Further amplifying its reach, "Gento" has been gaining traction on the Douyin app, China's counterpart to TikTok. This popularity was notably boosted when Xiaojun and Yangyang, the Chinese members of the NCT sub-unit WayV, embraced the "Gento" dance craze. Their dance challenge entry, along with a behind-the-scenes video, garnered a combined viewership of over 9.2 million on TikTok.

The song's theme of empowerment, encapsulated through metaphors of gold mining and refining, has struck a chord with many. Written by SB19's leader, Pablo, and co-produced by Joshua Daniel Nase and Simon Servida, "Gento" uses the process of refining gold as an allegory for the journey to success. Its universal message, combined with its catchy rhythm, has led to its widespread adoption by celebrities and idols globally, from South Korea and Japan to Malaysia.

On Spotify, the track's success is evident. "Gento" has surpassed 22 million streams, making it the second most-streamed song from SB19's "PAGTATAG!" EP, following "MAPA" which boasts over 48 million streams.

SB19's rising star status is further solidified by their upcoming performances. The group is set to represent the Philippines at the "2023 Round Festival" in Indonesia this October, sharing the stage with a diverse lineup of Asian artists. Additionally, SB19 is the sole P-Pop group announced to attend the 2023 Asia Artist Awards, a prestigious event to be held in the Philippines.

This surge in international recognition for SB19 is indicative of the broader acceptance and appreciation of Filipino pop music on the global stage. As the group continues to break barriers and set new standards, fans worldwide eagerly await their next move.