In a surprising turn of events, sources suggest that former First Lady Michelle Obama may have played a pivotal role in preventing Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, from securing a vacant Senate seat in California, following the passing of Senator Dianne Feinstein.

An insider commented, "Michelle went out of her way to make sure Meghan did not get nominated." Leveraging her considerable influence within the Democratic Party, it seems the former First Lady may have recommended against Meghan's nomination. Instead, the seat was filled by Laphonza Butler, appointed by California Governor Gavin Newsom.

This move reportedly stunned Meghan, who viewed Michelle Obama as both an ally and a friend. "To be backstabbed like this by someone she actually considered a friend and potential ally is just too much," the source shared.

Meghan, 42, and her husband Prince Harry, 39, have been making significant efforts to establish closer ties with the Obamas, considering them key connections not only in Hollywood but also among the American political and social elite. However, according to sources, the Obamas have been wary of the Sussexes' intentions.

A source revealed, "Michelle and Barack see Meghan and Harry's attempts to sidle up to them as nothing more than a way for the actress and her husband to increase their presence in Hollywood and beyond." They believe the couple is seeking to leverage their reputation to bolster their own status.

The Obamas' hesitation to align with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stems from a perceived mismatch in values and the controversies surrounding Meghan and Harry, particularly their well-publicized disputes with the British royal family.

Furthermore, there's speculation about Michelle Obama's own political future. With rumors swirling about the Democratic Party considering her as a potential candidate for the 2024 presidential race, aligning with figures perceived as controversial could be a risky move.

In contrast, Harry and Meghan are reportedly eager to forge ties with influential figures in Hollywood. They recently attended the One805 fundraiser, where they even presented an award to actor Kevin Costner.

But despite their efforts, the insider suggests that the Obamas aren't interested in a close association with the Sussexes. This sentiment was allegedly underscored by the couple's absence from Barack Obama's 60th birthday celebration.

As for Meghan's political aspirations, the alleged intervention by Michelle Obama has purportedly stalled her plans. The insider concluded, "It would have been a dream start to her political career, but now that's totally off the table - thanks to Michelle's intervention!"

The Globe magazine reported on the sources' comments.