RIIZE member Seunghan is once again in the spotlight, but for all the wrong reasons. Following a controversy that sparked outrage among Korean netizens, a fresh incident has arisen, this time involving his interaction with fellow idol TXT's Soobin and LE SSERAFIM's Eunchae. The uproar stemmed from a private livestream shared on Instagram Live, initially garnering attention from international fans but quickly escalating into a significant issue in Korea.

In the contentious video, which emerged on November 16, Seunghan and Soobin are seen engaging in conversation. During the livestream, Seunghan was heard casting doubts on Soobin's talents in dancing, singing, and rapping, and making a dismissive remark about his role as an MC on Music Bank. However, it was Seunghan's reference to LE SSERAFIM's Eunchae as "Our Eunchae" that ignited the most backlash. In Korean culture, the term "Our" is typically used to indicate close familial or intimate relationships, not merely acquaintances or colleagues.

This casual reference to Eunchae, especially in the context of a conversation that mocked Soobin, who shares the same label as Eunchae, was perceived by many as disrespectful. Korean netizens quickly expressed their discontent, with comments ranging from disbelief to outright anger at the perceived slight. The public reaction highlighted the cultural sensitivity around such terms and the expectations of respectful conduct within the K-pop industry.

The netizens' reactions varied, with some expressing shock at the rawness of the conversation and others questioning Seunghan's relationship with Eunchae. Many LE SSERAFIM fans expressed their frustration, feeling that Eunchae was unnecessarily dragged into a demeaning conversation. The sentiment was broadly negative, with netizens calling Seunghan's behavior rude and asserting that such incidents are damaging the idols' public images.

This incident marks yet another controversy for Seunghan, who had previously faced issues surrounding leaked photos and clips around the time of RIIZE's debut. His repeated entanglement in such controversies is not only affecting his reputation but also raising questions about the standards of conduct in the K-pop industry.

As the situation continues to develop, fans and observers are eagerly awaiting a response from Seunghan. His actions in the aftermath of this latest controversy will be closely scrutinized, as they could have significant implications for his career and the broader K-pop community. The incident serves as a reminder of the cultural nuances and the high standards of professionalism expected of idols in the ever-evolving and closely watched world of K-pop.